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Eric Anderson's first three books were on general aviation and published by TAB Books and Aero Publishers (divisions of Crown Publishers). One of them, Plane Safety and Survival, became a Jeppesen Aviation Book Club Selection with the comment "One of the 10 best pilot books in print." The government put copies into every U.S. Air Force base library which amused the author as many of the statistics in the book were taken from government files.

Anderson's last two books are available from stores like Barnes and Noble and Borders, and online at Amazon.com. The first, Coming to Texas, is based on his arrival in the 1960s as a Scottish immigrant with his wife, Margaret, and their small infant, Gillian. His most recent book, The Man Who Cried Orange, is subtitled Stories From a Doctor's Life.


Books in Print:

    Coming to Texas -- at amazon.com

    The Man Who Cried Orange -- at amazon.com



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