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Eric Anderson graduated from medical school in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1958 and came to America in 1960. The Derry Medical Center he founded in NH in 1964 has now become the largest family practice in the entire state. 

He has used his MD degree to become a low-key crusader for patients' rights. Initially as a former British doctor he determinedly wrote articles about the advantages of private fee-for-service American medicine but, of late, he has come to realize something has to be done about the current health care system in the United States. If that means we have to go to universal health care insurance so be it -- but he dreads government intrusion into the already-weakening doctor-patient relationship.

Anderson wrote a travel health column for three years for Travel 50 & Beyond and at the same time an online weekly column for The New York Times Syndicate via a news feed from Medical Tribune where he was a columnist. He has written on health issues for both the Boston Globe and the San Diego Union-Tribune. He was a columnist at Geriatrics for eight years and at Postgraduate Medicine for 14 years.



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